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MIDTOWN TOWN CRIER by Lorianna de Giorgio, April 2007 Edition: Singer’s album carves places for her in city’s jazz scene

The Yeats Project: Blog “The Next Generation of Jazz”- Sept. 19, 2017 – Sarah Jerrom: The Yeats Project

“Vocalist/composer/arranger Sarah Jerrom has a strong voice to go with her cerebral approach to jazz. Her embracing of chamber jazz melds her firm, but airy voice with compositions that bandy about contrasting notes to find a kind of balance in the midst of it all. It’s an approach to music that’s poetic, which is why it so fits with the work of William Butler Yeats, a man who found balance in contrasts bearing from his Irish soul. Thus, for her latest album, Jerrom has composed songs for some of Yeats’ poetry, arranged it for a nine-piece group of fine Toronto musicians, and set it all up to greet the world October 27th…”
– Anthony Dean-Harris, Editor-in-Chief,
(read article here…) Blog “It’s Special Projects Time!” – March 5, 2015 – 
Sarah Jerrom: The Yeats Project

“The music is a mixture of Sarah’s originals and arrangements… It was the arranging which struck me when I first heard the music back in 2012; the poems lend themselves to beautiful, lush treatments, and Sarah uses the ensemble’s nine instruments to great effect. The result is contemporary sounding but still tuneful, an interesting mix of chamber music and improvisation; Sarah’s impressive vocals soar over top.”
Josh Grossman– Artistic Director, Toronto Downtown Jazz –
(read article here…)

Illuminations Reviews:

IAJE Canada Newsletter 
”CD Reviews” – Volume 12 Number 2, Fall 2007

Sarah Jerrom: Illuminations

”Diverse and sophisticated are two words that repeatedly come to mind when listening to Toronto-based vocalist Sarah Jerrom’s debut album, Illuminations. Diversity is perhaps most apparent in song selection; tried and tune tunes such as “Skylark” and “Lush Life” find a place among offerings written by country stalwart Don Gibson and by more contemporary artists such as Brad Mehldau (to whose music Jerrom provides lyrics), Swedish jazz vocalist Josefine Cronholm, and Jerrom herself. Each tune seems equally at home here, and this owes largely to the infusion of Jerrom’s sophisticated touch as an arranger.

Harmonically compelling, with creative and engaging accents, Jerrom sets a personal touch on these tunes. This skill is particularly evident in her treatment of Gibson’s “Oh Lonesome Me”, where, with a mix of horns and acoustic guitar, she makes it her own- with a tip of the hat to Neil Young’s treatment of the same tune. Diversity also comes to mind when speaking of the album’s orchestration. From the duo format of “Lush Life” to the 9-piece ensemble- complete with strings- that performs Cronholm’s “Wild Garden”, Jerrom is not afraid to explore a variety of timbres and moods. The album benefits greatly from this willingness to explore, as Jerrom orchestrates the album in a manner that coaxes the most from each tune.

Sophistication is again evident on the part of the musicians appearing on this album. Jerrom’s rhythm section performs deftly throughout much of the album, and is in particularly fine form on “Stompin’ at the Savoy”. They underpin each song with a concise and refined style that is perfectly suited to this music. Saxophonist Mike Murley is stellar throughout the album, and the band as a whole, in its various permutations, shines. This is a strong album that will leave you eager to hear more.”

- Justin Litun, IAJE Canada Newsletter
 “Music and Dance Reviews” – May 2009 Issue – 
Sarah Jerrom: Illuminations

“I first heard Sarah Jerrom on Sirius XM and then again on CBC. Her rendition of Heather on the Hill is riveting but her take on Skylark is exceptional. A relaxed, mellow style – with awesome backup in Jamie Reynolds, Harley Card, Mark McIntyre, Mike Murley and Alison Young (tenor and alto sax respectively) plus others makes this a singer to watch.”
Marcy Goldman– Editor, – (read article here…)

The Toronto Star
 “What’s On Disc” – Jazz, April 5, 2007
  – Sarah Jerrom: Illuminations

“Sarah Jerrom, a U of T jazz program grad, takes risks. Sweet and clear tones in high registers are one of her ten-cut album strengths, alongside using her own lyrics, arranging songs and recruiting talented young colleagues. She draws from musical theatre, standards and jazz chestnuts, making an appealing job of most… She wrote the smart title track, there’s a good take on “Angel Eyes” and a droll “Oh Lonesome Me”. Top track: a really interesting “Wild Garden” (by Sweden’s Josefine Cronholm) with neat band solos and a string quartet as a bonus.”
Geoff Chapman, The Toronto Star(read article here…)

“We really love Sarah’s stunning sophisticated jazz… the style is powerful, stirring yet gentle and very subtle. The choice of material is marvelous and gels together into a lush sound that has you wanting more, and our audiences most certainly will love her sound. It certainly struck us as an extraordinary CD- one that will be very well received by our astute audience. Sarah’s feel and experience is evident and shows in a very confident way. I would say the word that kept coming to mind was `sophisticated’.”
– Peter Merrett, Programming Director, PBS 106-7FM Melbourne, Australia

“Illumination, that’s the word I was looking for when I heard Sarah Jerrom’s music on her CD. Sarah has that voice quality that stands out among the others. A voice that grabs your attention. This is a CD that needs to be in your collection…”
– Leon Reyes – “Leon’s Jazz In A Box“, KVMR Radio 89.5 FM Nevada City/Sacramento, California

“After listening to (Sarah’s) album, I get the impression that there is something in this for everyone… there’s something laid back, there’s some beautiful lyrics, understated but meaningful, and really, really impeccable phrasing…. And there’s some swinging stuff.”
– Colin Smith –  “One Flight Up”, 88.1FM CKLN, Toronto, Canada

“The beautifully honed skills of both singer and composer are totally evident on Sarah Jerrom’s “Illuminations”. Let me say right up front that I love it. Sarah tackles a bunch of great standards with panache and throws a couple of interesting originals into the mix. Neither is Sarah any slouch with her arrangements. Several of my favourites get the Jerrom treatment. “Lush Life” does it for me (not forgetting Nat Cole), along with “Angel Eyes” and “Stompin’ at the Savoy'”. Don Gibson’s great song “Oh Lonesome Me” is a standout and “Heather On The Hill” takes me straight back to the village of Brigadoon. “Illuminations” has certainly found a spot on my “Jazz Infusions’ playlist.”
– Robin Elks – “Robin On The Radio”, 2TENFM 89.7 and 98.7 Tenterfield, Australia

“Great album. Fantastic stuff for our radio station.”
– Alex Pijnen – BRTO Radio, Netherlands

Performance Reviews:

A WEB OF FINE MUSIC  “Mike’s Picks” – Nov. 7, 2007  – 
Sarah Jerrom: Illuminations

“Back in March, St. Catharines ‘ own Sarah Jerrom launched her self-produced debut CD titled “Illuminations” in Toronto and in her home town. The local performance at her alma mater, Laura Secord Secondary School , brought the house down. Sarah is young but the talent is great and she surrounds herself with some tremendous young talent, most of whom also appear on the CD. The material ranges from original compositions including the title track to such jazz classics as “Skylark” and “Stompin’ at the Savoy”. Contemporary with a connection to the jazz masters who went before her, Sarah shows great promise and will be a talent to watch in the future.”
– Mike Saunders, CKTB Radio

by Patrick Adams, April 2007 Edition: Sarah Jerrom Launches her New CD, “Illuminations”

Talented young jazz vocalist and composer Sarah Jerrom, recently launched her new CD, “Illuminations” at The Laura Secord Secondary School (her alma mater!) Sarah, local to St. Catharines, who was accompanied by her band, put on a great show, and judging by the audience response, Sarah has a great career ahead of her. Good luck Sarah! – Photos (taken by Patrick Adams)


“Since the wedding, we have continued to receive very positive feedback about the ceremony, and particularly your singing! A number of friends have said they were very impressed. One friend said she was “blown away” with how beautiful your voice is. Another friend said they did not want to sing during the service because they only wanted to hear your singing. Thank you for making our ceremony such a beautiful event.”
– Barbara & Robert, July 2015



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