New album out now

Sarah’s new album, “The Yeats Project”, is now available on CDBaby and iTunes!

152 years ago, William Butler Yeats was born. There are lots of Yeats Day celebrations going on in Ireland today, especially in his hometown of Sligo. Meanwhile in Canada, I’m celebrating Yeats Day by releasing my new album, “The Yeats Project“, which is now available at the CDBaby store and on iTunes! The album features poems by WB Yeats that I set to music and orchestrated for a nine-piece chamber jazz ensemble.

The creation of this music began almost 10 years ago. It’s been quite the journey from then to now. Huge thanks to Tom Richards, Andrew Downing, Rob McBride, Ernesto Cervini, Carissa Neufeld, Tara Kannangara, Johnny Griffith, Linnea Thacker, and Aleksandar Gajic for your beautiful playing. Also thanks to Kevin Turcotte, Julia Hambleton and all the other wonderful musicians who participated in this project’s various incarnations. “The Yeats Project” is a live album that was partially crowd-funded. (Side note- the album was recorded almost two years ago, during the Yeats 150 celebration year and coincidentally it’s being released during the Canada 150 year!). These days it takes a village to support the creation of new music. You all have my utmost gratitude and love. – Sarah xoxo

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