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The Yeats Project

Sarah’s new album, The Yeats Project, is now available on CDBaby and iTunes!

Proclaiming her crafts as a composer, arranger and vocalist, Sarah Jerrom’s latest album, The Yeats Project, is an exciting and imaginative follow up to her critically acclaimed debut CD, Illuminations. Featuring her original compositions set to the poetry of William Butler Yeats, Jerrom orchestrated the music for a unique nine-piece chamber jazz instrumentation comprised of strings, woodwinds, brass and a traditional jazz rhythm section, with Jerrom herself on vocals. After gathering a group of Toronto’s top established and emerging musicians, the music was recorded live at two concert venues in Toronto and the Niagara region. The featured poems reflect upon themes such as spirituality, life as an artist, death, defeat and love.

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Blending the elements of jazz, improvisation and classical music, The Yeats Project presents the words of W.B. Yeats set to music in a completely unprecedented style and approach. This distinctive interpretation and the ensemble’s unique combination of instruments played by a specially formed group of top-flight, multi-influenced musicians makes The Yeats Project a rarity in terms of concept and sound.



Press Quotes:

“To create a project around an Irish – albeit world-renowned – poet, W.B. Yeats, who wrote at the turn of the 19th century and until the mid-20th century is commendable despite the fact that in all of the arts, poetry almost inevitably draws the shortest straw in all of the arts is very courageous on the part of Sarah Jerrom. But by the same token, judged purely on her performance here Ms. Jerrom appears born to do this. Her voice is pristine and high-sprung. She has an innate sense of lyricism and seems not just to dwell in, but is immersed in an enormous palette of the most gorgeous colours. And in an almost eerie twist of fate she is blessed with a quivering vibrato, like Mr Yeats’ recitation voice, which she uses to glide up and down the soprano (and sometimes mezzo-soprano) registers. This she uses to great effect to render the frail, almost ghostly imagery of Mr Yeats poetry. Ms. Jerrom is also a very astute and serious musician. This certainly comes through in the majestic work on this album. Except for “She Moves Through the Fair”, which is a traditional Irish song (written probably at the turn of the 19th century but) published in 1909, Sarah Jerrom has written all of the wonderful music for this album and set, quite masterfully, the poems of Mr Yeats to the music. Clearly she also imagined how this would sound and has put together a remarkable chamber group to bring it all to fruition. All of the musicians are drawn from both the classical and contemporary realm and include some of the best-known names in the improvisatory scene. Notable ones are cellist Andrew Downing, flugelhorn player Tara Kannangara, bassist Rob McBride, pianist Carissa Neufeld, violist Aleksander Gajic, violinist Linnea Thacker, clarinetist Johnny Griffith and drummer Ernesto Cervini, wonderfully conducted by Tom Richards. However the master-stroke is most definitely delivered by the wraith-like vocals of Sarah Jerrom.”

– Raul da Gama, Toronto Music Report

“Sarah Jerrom has an almost otherworldly approach to her ethereal compositions, combining jazz, improvised, contemporary and classical music. These are detailed, well-thought-out settings to ten Yeats’ poems, which fit her vocal stylings with complex melodies, wide pitch jumps and subtle tonal colours. She has arranged her work for an all-star nine member chamber band of strings, woodwinds, brass and rhythm section, each member an improvising star in their own right. By treating her instrumentalists as equals, Jerrom creates perfect poetic musical settings…”

– Tiina Kiik – Listening Room, the Whole Note Magazine

“It was the arranging which struck me when I first heard the (Yeats Project’s) music back in 2012; the poems lend themselves to beautiful, lush treatments, and Sarah uses the ensemble’s nine instruments to great effect. The result is contemporary sounding but still tuneful, an interesting mix of chamber music and improvisation; Sarah’s impressive vocals soar over top.”

– Josh Grossman – Artistic Director, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival

“Vocalist/composer/arranger Sarah Jerrom has a strong voice to go with her cerebral approach to jazz. Her embracing of chamber jazz melds her firm, but airy voice with compositions that bandy about contrasting notes to find a kind of balance in the midst of it all. It’s an approach to music that’s poetic, which is why it so fits with the work of William Butler Yeats, a man who found balance in contrasts bearing from his Irish soul. Thus, for her latest album, Jerrom has composed songs for some of Yeats’ poetry, arranged it for a nine-piece group of fine Toronto musicians, and set it all up to greet the world…”

– Anthony Dean-Harris, Editor-in-Chief,

“Composer/singer Jerrom working with some of Toronto’s most esteemed jazz and classical musicians, including the remarkable cellist Andrew Downing and drummer Ernesto Cervini, uses elements of Celtic music of course, but also explodes into swinging commentary, edgy minor key syncopated riffs, and recurrent melodic undulations, ebbs and swells. Pianist Carissa Neufeld links the classical string section and the jazz ensemble together to create seamless transitions between genres. The poem “Adam’s Curse” is a profound feminist commentary exquisitely performed. Also standout arrangements include “Stream and Sun at Glendalough” and “Sailing to Byzantium”.

– Hobart Taylor, KUCI 88.9FM, University of California in Irvine

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Upcoming Shows:

No shows booked at the moment.

Past Shows:

03/11/15Toronto, ONArray Space
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $15. Address: 155 Walnut Ave.. Conductor: Tom Richards. Vocals and music: Sarah Jerrom. With Ernesto Cervini (drums), Andrew Downing (cello), Aleksandar Gajic (viola), Johnny Griffith (bass clarinet), Tara Kannangara (flugelhorn, trumpet), Rob McBride (double bass), Carissa Neufeld (piano), and Linnea Thacker (violin). Show info. More information
02/27/15St. Catharines, ONBrock University’s Centre For The Arts
Time: 7:30pm. Admission: $28.50 adults; $22.50 seniors/students; $5 eyeGo high school program.. Box office: (905) 688 5550 x3257. Address: 500 Glenridge Ave.. Conductor: Tom Richards. Vocals and music: Sarah Jerrom. With Ernesto Cervini (drums), Andrew Downing (cello), Aleksandar Gajic (viola), Johnny Griffith (bass clarinet), Tara Kannangara (flugelhorn, trumpet), Rob McBride (double bass), Carissa Neufeld (piano), and Linnea Thacker (violin). Presented by Brock University’s Centre for the Arts Encore! Professional Concert Series.
03/16/13Toronto, OntarioThe Music Gallery
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $25/$15 for members/$20 in advance. Box office: 416.204.1080. Address: 197 John Street. Venue phone: 416.204.1080.

A TDJ Special Project

The Yeats Project makes its debut at this St. Patrick’s-themed concert. With Ernesto Cervini (drums), Andrew Downing (cello), Aleksandar Gajic (viola), Julia Hambleton (bass clarinet), Rob McBride (double bass), Carissa Neufeld (piano), Tom Richards (conductor), Linnea Thacker (violin), and Kevin Turcotte (flugelhorn).
Doors open at 7pm.
Show info. More information
11/30/12Toronto, ONHart House
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: Free admission. Address: 7 Hart House Circle. With Ernesto Cervini (drums), Chris Donnelly (piano), Julia Hambleton (bass clarinet), Rob McBride (bass), and Amanda Penner (viola). Featuring a special sneak-peek performance of The Yeats Project as a six-piece ensemble.

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